Vehicle Health Check

Are you maximising and optimising Vehicle Health Check opportunities in your Retailer? Use this Workspace to help boost conversions and profits.

With our Vehicle Health Check Workspace, you can view a full breakdown of the Red and Amber Opportunity in your Retailer - by day, by month, by Advisor or by Technician.

  • See the values Identified, Sold, Deferred and Deleted and the split between Red and Amber.
  • Focus in on specific Service Advisors or Technicians and share best practice on how to give the customer the best advice possible to improve conversion.
  • Highlight the key Vehicle areas where the work has been identified – Brakes, Tyres, Suspension and Steering etc.
  • Drill through into individual Health Checks to understand what has been Identified and Sold an interrogate the reasons why a customer may have declined the work.
  • If available, see the full Vehicle Check Video right inside the workspace.

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