Parts Sales Performance

Are your parts sales where they should be? What are your best sellers? Where is the profit? This Workspace will show you that and much more...

As often as every 30 minutes, track the Revenue and Gross Profit sold through individual Parts Departments, Retailers, Regions or the entire Group and compare the current performance to your Budget, Forecast and Prior Year.

  • From Group Level to Department Level all actuals, budgets and forecasts adjust at the click of button.
  • Keep the Current Month in focus by default or, if required, explore the Previous Month or historical detail.
  • The required run-rate is automatically calculated each day to help keep your teams focussed on the task at hand.
  • Identify the key sales types and focus in on % GP Retained for each trading channel.
  • Encourage daily invoicing disciplines with an easy-to-see daily target and actual.

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