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What is an Automotive Business Intelligence Workspace?

Microsoft Power BI is the best Business Intelligence toolset available today with millions of users. We harness its renowned functionality and security to create a range of interactive and intelligent Workspaces that Automotive Retailers use to underpin effective strategic decisions. But what exactly is a Workspace?

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An Automotive Business Intelligence Workspace, or AutoBI Workspace, is a data visualisation solution that showcases business metrics and KPI status for a team or business area in one screen.

AutoBI Workspaces are the visual output that results from all of the various historical and real-time data inputs from a Dealer Management System. When created effectively, they can highlight important trends, critical issues or encouraging performance to users quickly and easily.

A Workspace might have multiple data visualisations on one screen, collating important KPI information for a team, region or business area in one single source of truth.

Unlike static spreadsheets, they are interactive and allow users to drill down into the data behind the graphics and charts. Spot something interesting, alarming or intriguing? Simply click on the graphic in question to see more data or visualisations that allow you to interrogate further and identify an underlying cause.

Pop-up tool tips and text boxes will often be deployed to explain the charts, graphics or tables in question or to highlight opportunities to interrogate additional data.

Building on this interactivity, well-designed Workspaces will also give you the ability to filter the data in question.

For a Retailer, this gives you the ability to review specific date ranges, business functions, franchises or regions - a valuable tool for comparing real-time performance and building competition between departments or teams.

As well as being interactive, our Workspaces are also designed to be responsive.

This means they resize and adapt to fit the device they are being viewed on. So regardless of whether you’re a technician in a workshop, a Head of Business at your desktop or Regional Manager working on the move, you can see data presented in the best way possible.

Flexible solutions

Using our extensive automotive retail experience, we have created a growing range of ready-to-use Automotive Business Intelligence Workspaces, covering areas including:

·     Workshop Sales Performance

·     Oil, Tyre & Other Sales

·     Work In Progress

·     Technician Productivity, Utilisation &Efficiency

·     Service Advisor Revenue, Hours & RecoveryRate

·     Vehicle Health Check

·     Parts Sales Performance

·     Parts Stock Control

While this portfolio addresses the immediate needs of a number of Automotive Retailers, our AutoBI Workspaces are also fully customisable to align with the specific needs of a team or organisation.

This flexibility is important as different OEMs, Groups and Independent Retailers will often have different reporting requirements – which may require slightly different data inputs, KPI definitions or reporting outputs.

Whatever the scenario, we can combine our frontline motor trade experience with the vast capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to create effective Automotive Business Intelligence Workspaces.

Business Intelligence Benefits

In the last 12 months, we have increasingly seen that Retailers are turning to BI Workspaces as part of a digital-first strategy designed to unlock efficiencies and identify profit potential.

Built and designed correctly, Workspaces underpin effective decision-making. They become a go-to fount of knowledge that Automotive Retailers can put faith in day after day – and easily share with key stakeholders.

So, if you’re keen to get on the front foot and sharpen your competitive edge in 2023 then take a closer look at AutoBI Workspaces.

You’ll be amazed at what you might find.

How can AutoBI help you?

If you'd like to find out more about how our business intelligence dashboards are empowering dealer teams to work smarter and generate more profit, simply email us via hello@autobi.co.uk or call us on +44(0) 1952 443 900.

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