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Revealed: Top 5 reasons Automotive Retailers love BI

Our Business intelligence (BI) Workspaces are powerful tools that help automotive retailers improve their business in a myriad of ways but what excites users the most?

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The automotive industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with new technologies and changing customer preferences driving the evolution. 

As this change continues, automotive retailers must find new ways to adapt, stay competitive and meet the needs of these customers. Increasingly, many have turned to BI solutions to understand current performance and identify ways to improve.  

Automotive industry insight 

Our own evolution has seen AutoBI support a growing number of automotive retailers with tailored BI solutions – including UK retailers representing brands including BMW, Mini, Kia, Vauxhall, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot and Citroën, in addition to supporting nine importers in the Middle East region. 

Each of these businesses has its own challenges, systems and aspirations so we work hard to ensure the BI Workspaces we provide are the right fit for the organisation.  

And this collaboration doesn’t stop once the system is live.  

Our Customer Success team is in a regular dialogue with system users to ensure they have the best solutions to deliver tangible results.  

Consequently, we have a clear understanding of what is really hitting the mark – and there are some noticeable trends when reviewing benefits with customers. 

Here are the top 5 reasons retailers tell us that they love BI: 

Reason One: Increased sales 

BI can help car dealers identify trends and patterns in their sales data. Our Workshop Sales Performance Workspace, for example, can track the revenue and gross profit sold through individual Workshops, Retailers, Regions or the entire Group - as often as every 30 minutes.  

This information can be used to inform decisions about key sales types and, via the use of wall mounted screens, the data can spark a competitive spirit between teams that motivates them to do whatever they can to achieve easy-to-see targets. 

Reason Two: Improved customer service 

AutoBI Workspaces can help automotive retailers identify areas where they can improve the customer experience. Is there a part which is always out of stock? Have you got enough technicians to satisfy demand? Could there be more timely follow ups of Vehicle Health Check opportunities?  

BI can help you answer all of these – and much more – so you have the best chance of being there when your customers need you the most. 

Reason Three: Reduced costs 

BI can help retailers identify areas where they can save money. Take our Parts Stock Control Workspace for example. Without proper control, Parts Stock levels can grow very quickly. With our Parts Stock Control Workspace you can easily view your Parts Stock and take action where appropriate – now and in the months ahead.  

Nothing is left to chance and no stone left unturned. 

Reason Four: Better decision-making 

Dealer Management Systems contain vast amounts of data from millions of transactions. By using an intuitive BI Workspace you can extract, interpret and report this information to quickly gain an understanding of business performance. 

With a crystal-clear picture – updated every 30 minutes to one hour – you can be sure you are making informed decisions and will start to see the impact of any changes in near-real time. So, if something isn’t working you can react at the earliest opportunity. 

Reason Five: Competitive advantage 

Through effective use of BI you gain access to data and insights that your competitors do not have. No more relying on generalised trends, word of mouth or gut feel. Everything you see is specific to your business, region and market segment.  

As a result, you can react quickly and with confidence. You can be on the front foot to stamp out any potential problems or identify lucrative new revenue streams.    

A must-have for modern retailers 

In conclusion, this is a powerful combination of business benefits that makes effective BI a must-have for forward-thinking automotive retailers.  

It’s why, as part of our Customer Success processes, we continue to push the limits of BI to find new ways to use data to deliver new insights and even better results for our clients.   

Without doubt, change is inevitable. However, with the help of high-quality BI solutions and the support of automotive BI experts, you stand a much better chance of reacting positively to new opportunities and enjoying long-term success. 

For more information about how AutoBI can help you navigate a changing landscape, contact us today via hello@autobi.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1952 443 900 and we can set up a system demonstration. 

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