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AutoBI appoints Nick Hollingsbee as Customer Success Manager

AutoBI is delighted to announce the appointment of Nick Hollingsbee as the company’s Customer Success Manager, further strengthening its team of senior automotive and BI industry specialists.

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Nick joins the AutoBI team having spent the last eight years at the Cotswold Motor Group where he worked as Group Aftersales Retention Manager. As part of this role, Nick was tasked with using data to identify opportunities for increased revenue and streamlining processes to improve profitability and productivity in a busy and complex dealer group. And it is thanks to this challenge that Nick discovered and became excited about the possibilities of Business Intelligence.

Nick explains: “Over the past 12 months, I’ve been exploring the potential of using PowerBI to improve our business practices and the results have been astonishing. Having used BI as part of my job working in house at a dealer group, I can vouch for the fact there are lots of opportunities to upsell work, increase car sales, improve parts margins and generally boost revenue that dealers may not even know that they’re missing out on.

"Joining AutoBI is an exciting prospect for me as I will get an even better understanding of the magic behind the scenes – finding out the intricacies of how the tech actually works and how we can improve it even more to get the best results for dealers.”

Jonathan Sharman, Managing Director of AutoBI, said: “Bringing Nick on board is going to make such a huge difference for our customers. He has great knowledge of BI and he’s also worked with it first-hand within a dealer group so he knows what our workspaces need to do and what dealerships need to extract from them day-to-day. It means that he can be the perfect go-between, working with customers and developers, without all the jargon or tech-speak, to develop the best solutions that will deliver tangible results for our clients. We are excited to welcome him to our team.”

Nick adds: “Joining AutoBI will give me the opportunity to work on an innovation that genuinely makes a difference to businesses. I’ve seen it happen myself in my previous role and I know there are other dealer groups out there that can benefit from using BI. There are opportunities being missed and revenue streams going untapped, just because the data that dealerships already have isn’t being used in the right way. AutoBI can change all of that. I can’t wait to get started.”

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